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The questions to ask yourself


Watch for a conflicting event. It could ruin your whole party planning if no one can come! To avoid a conflicting event, it is always good to be abreast of other parties, displays and shows on around Melbourne. In Victoria, there are times of the year that are inherantly busy and worth avoiding if at all possible. In Melbourne, most events are clumped in the end-of-year months, February/March and out of school holidays. This means that the busiest weekends for events, parties and the like are in the months of February/March and October/November. While you cannot do much about your child being born in those months and wanting a birthday then, it is possible to be particularly aware of conflicting things. If on the other hand your party event is not tied to a particular time of year and if not weather dependent, you may well consider moving the party to a cooler time of year, when you know there will be less likelihood of a competing event. Having said this, if your party is set to be outdoors, then you may have to go for a busy time of year and hope that nothing else of major significance conflicts with your big day.

It doesn't have to be on the weekend?

While most people plan parties to be on weekends, after school may work OK as well. Corporate events and the like may well be better organised on a weekday at a time you are more likely to have everyone turn up. A key bit of advice is to be flexible in terms of the time and date of your next party.

Kids parties

Paid entertainment? This is an important consideration when considering your guest list. It is also relevant in terms of the date and time you are planning the party. The entertainer may be good and so heavily booked for parties and functions and the like that they may be telling you when they are available and able to be booked, rather than you dictating to them when you want them. One very popular option for birthday party entertainment and kids parties in Melbourne are reptile parties and they are often difficult to book in Victoria in the months of October, November and February and March due to the high demand for their services. More guests to manage may mean less time to concentrate on entertaining them and wildlife shows are always popular with all ages. It may well be to your benefit to hire some outside help. The advantage of these people is that you are paying the entertainer to get things done and not to have fun. That way, you and your hired helpers can work at making the party guests enjoy themselves.


Regardless of who you invite at the next childrens party event that you organise, don't expect everyone to get to your place at once. With kids birthdays, most will arrive at the exact time written on the invitations. But for adult parties it's not rare for the guests to arrive some hours beyond the invitation time specified. These facts are worth noting in terms of your party entertainment planning as well. For kids birthday parties it is best to get the paid entertainer in at the same time as the children and before they eat sugar laden food and go hyper. For the adult parties, it is worth delaying the entertainment until a time after which you know all or most of the guests will be there.


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