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Corporate shows Melbourne

To declare the party open and expect all the people in a large company at a party to have fun are over. Whether it's for a corporate event, company team building or other kind of adult party you will need more than the usual hum-drum to stick out from the crowd. How a company treats it's staff and how they party is reflected in how they do business. In Melbourne it is a competitive business environment and to be the best at business, you need to have the best company parties, get togeathers and team building exercises. Options used in the past include paint-ball, tenpin bowling, family days, horse-riding and lots more, all of which are within easy reach of all Melbourne businesses. In the office situation, motivational speakers are a tried and tested option, but their commoness has left many people in the corporate world looking for different and more engaging alternatives. For many companies, booze is out, as the OH and S laws move in and so the number of fund ways to break down barriers within organisations is less than it may otherwise have been.
Corporate reptile shows in Melbourne are an ever popular form of reptile party for company parties, end of year gatherings and the like. Hands-off reptile displays have been replaced by hands on reptile shows where adults and kids can hold the animals and thus get a more engaging learning experience. The downside is that most mobile reptile shows don't alloow the public or guests to handle animals, so it is important to check this first before booking any given company. While travelling reptile shows are not cheap, they are competitively priced as compared to other forms of company entertainment or team building activities in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria. While snakes and crocodiles are thought of as being risky, the fact is that reptile displays and exhibitions are actually low-risk activities, as they don't involve any contact sport type of activities and the species used are harmless forms. Because of this age is not a big factor, with people over 100 years old being able to handle and enjoy the reptiles at a corporate reptile show.

The snake man

Raymond Hoser is known globally as the snakeman. His reptile display business is the only one in Australia that is hands-on and lets people handle the reptiles at the shows. No other company does this. If you want the animals to be held by all at the next reptile show, then it has to be one of the snakeman's shows, run by the snakeman himself or his able bodied staff. The snake man Raymond Hoser is the world's foremost expert on reptiles, having authored several definitive books and named more species and genera of snakes than any other person alive in the 21st century. He has named genera of snakes on every continent of the planet, except Antarctica (which has no living snakes), a feat no one else has achieved this century! The snakeman's world firsts include breeding numerous rare or endangered species in captivity for the first time, countless major papers and being the first person to successfully surgically devenomize the world's deadliest snakes.


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